5 Things You Most Likely Didn't Know About Foodie Weekend Getaways in France

by Aria April 24, 2018

Foodie trips is slowly becoming our specialty as most slow restaurants have slow gastronomy restaurants labeled as locally sourced products. There are many angles of foodies vocation and it might be our mistake to generalize….

But Simple Food and wine vacation packages are not appealing to us in all senses as they do not offer those authentic local experiences nowadays and sometimes (as we discovered in our research) are sold for higher prices just because of the enticing names. So how to be smart with organizing your food and wine vacations in France? First do not fall for foodie vacation packages. 

Foodies dream vacation gems and can be found in slow-ethos boutique hotels where we often meat world-class Michelin star dedicated chefs that are much friendlier than mass production hotel. So today we will focus on 5 insights that we have gathered in our theme that we certainly belief can benefit your foodie side or if you are hunting for a real gift for exhausted foodie waiting for an escape- then you landed on the right page!

1. Best small cities for foodies hide beautiful Châteaus.

Forget about the best cities to visit for foodies. What about the best Chateau? 

If you are indeed up to French cuisine degustation, shouldn’t it be in the castle? After all the atmosphere affects our all our senses and should be carefully selected if we want a gourmet harmony. 

Château D'ygrande in Ygrande will highlight the flavors of Auvergne regions for you. 

Château Ygrande - exterior
Château D'ygrande

There is a vegan menu and owners always put a preference for the organic produce. Jams and honey made on site so you will find yourself very hard trying to finish your breakfast. You might need your friend’s help. Classical music carefully chosen for your awakening will help you to digest your meal when you find yourself looking at the lunch menu. 

Our beef, lamb and pork meats come from the best breeders in Bourbonnais and have benefited from Label Rouge certification. If you genuinely need foodie advice, then choose for the dessert something that is easy to forget regarding the name, but the senses will stay with you forever. How about Dacquoise and crunchy praline with almonds from Provence, on its thin sheet of chocolate, ganache with gianduja and quenelle of whipped cream?

If you are for even more learning experiences then horse riding lessons can be arranged for you too.  For foodies who love outdoor activities this is a perfect gift as you don’t need a whole city to try fishing, pool table, ping-pong, hiking, cycling, horseback riding, massage and Turkish steam bath. 

2. Best foodie weekend getaways always include cooking classes.

We have several locations in France that include cooking classes (either in the hotel itself orvery near). However, today we would like to praise Chateau De La Barge in Crêches-sur-Saône in Burgundy region. 

Chateau De La Barge

Why, because after you get tired of discovering your inner chef and almost have combined your menu for your local restaurant, your achievements will be celebrated with 6 dishes. There are three regions in France that every foodie has to visit - Alsace, Burgundy and Champagne-Ardenne. So let’s start with Burgundy this time.

Gourmet temptations cannot be ignored here, as the inner calling to try French cooking techniques and be fully immersed in the process of the produce that you love so much. 

3. Ultimate foodie vacation combines beach, yacht and seafood and cocktail on distinct character island. 

A Michelin star restaurant hotel in Corsica. You will find yourself in boutique resort, slow and very chic environment when you book La Roya in Saint-Florent for your true Corsica foodie trip. Corsican cuisine draws on both French and Italian influences but has its own very distinct character. So you will find yourself discovering unique and niche cuisine. 

La Roya, outside restaurant

This experience will make you discover new hashtags when you try to share your best foodie moments with your Instagram followers. 

Head cook develops restaurant's Inspiration Menu according to fresh products available. All day long, the bar serves fresh fruit cocktails which you can enjoy on the terrace, in one of the sunbeds on the beach or around the pool, or in our lounge in the shade of umbrella pines.

Take a yacht trip and have a Cocktail evening in the Agriate desert. (it can be arranged at the hotel.) Yes, you understood correctly. The Desert des Agriates is the only 'official' desert in Europe. 

When you come back from the trip do not miss Cap Corsica best lobsters. They always appear in Bellavista restaurant.

What about the second day? Corsican foodie experience cannot be completed without sheep and goat milk cheeses.

Some the most characteristic are:

  • Brocciu - a non-lactose whey cheese, similar to ricotta. 
  • Tommette de Chèvre – a strong, full-flavored goat milk cheese.
  • Niulincu -a soft tangy cheese from the very center of Corsica.
  • Corsu Vecchiu - a semi-hard, semi-mature sheep milk cheese.

Chestnut tree woods were planted During Genoese times (from 1284 to the mid-18th century) in Corsica interior as an alternative to cereal crops. So even the signature dishes always include chestnuts. For example, Civet de sanglier (Wild boar casserole) - hearty casserole with the “gamey” flavour of boar, mixed with onions, carrots, garlic, chestnuts, fennel and generous quantities of eau de vie and, of course, red wine. Do not miss local cakes with chestnut flour too. You will love Beignets - chestnut flour doughnuts, sometimes stuffed with cheese.

La Roya, hmmmm

Before you leave this magical space, you might want to stock up for local myrtle jam and marmalade made from clementines (mandarins) with a bitter citrus tang for your foodie friends that might not get a chance. 

4. Foodies that earn respect learn the secrets of truffle-hunting in the lovely remote valley. 

Hotel De La Ferme Lamy in Meyrals pictures are worth thousands of the words.  If you claim to be a real foodie, you know that it might be hard to impress your Instagram friends with your new (old) Bolognese recipe. What about truffles hunting?

Hotel de La Ferme Lamy

By the way, we don’t mean chocolate truffles.  Truffles that you can hunt when staying in Hotel De La Ferme Lamy in Meyrals are world's most-prized fungus.

It's rare, possesses a distinct taste and has the added cachet of being very expensive. 

They are even sold in auctions. Why Are Truffles So Expensive?

Because they are not grown and natural, this unpredictability contributes to the extreme prices fluctuations. Moreover, as in the luxury art and jewellery worlds, only the most reliable connoisseurs are trusted as sellers so don’t think that you might find your next million dollars in the forest of Meyrals. 

Gourmet chefs compete all around the world for the supply of this goodness. In November in 2014, an anonymous bidder from Hong Kong placed a call by satellite phone to a white truffle auction at a castle in Italy’s Piedmont region and shelled out $120,000, or three times the price of gold, for two pieces weighing a total of just over two pounds.
Truffle hunting experience can take you to different - foodie underworld. 

5. You can have a gastronomic getaway with splendid views of Lake Geneva. 

The colors and luxury of the Hotel Les Cygnes in Évian-les-Bains stimulate every foodies appetite. The feeling of the twenties and scenery reminding movies.

The restaurant has received a title of "Maître Restaurateur".  It is today an important recognition given to the top professionals in restaurants emphasizing their commitment to the highest of standards. It is a real label of quality, the only one issued by the French government in the restaurant industry. Therefore The "Maître Restaurateur" label in Hotel Les Cygnes in Évian-les-Bains guarantees high-quality cuisine, made to order with pure, mostly local ingredients and well-executed by a team of culinary professionals. 

Hotel Les Cygnes

So we have looked at the changing menu (all of the products are homemade and locally sourced).  Our attraction to the artist dish Tataki of Scottish Salmon in Sesame seeds and Wasabi, Fine Ratatouille, Lime Espuma alone can today make us book a flight. And of course we already have in our minds a dessert that would Cracker dough Choux with Raspberries, Pistachio Mousse, Verbena Custard. Ok, yes we do have a chocolate fan so do not worry about her. She is getting a Crunchy Dark Chocolate and Candied Orange Dome. All sorted. 

What we especially love about this romantic getaway is that it has both bistro and gourmet restaurants. 

And when your stomach raises your self- confidence you will likely be more than ready for local pleasure. Exciting, because you are only 800 m from the thermal baths, casino and shops

Depending on how you measure distance, but worth mentioning Vevey Alimentarium (19.1 km away). Explore this pioneering food museum, set in Nestlé’s former headquarters, then treat your taste buds in the La Verrière restaurant. They have well-organized cookery workshops for adults and children, as well as educational seminars about nutrition that can inspire your family members. 

When you tell your friends that you off for your foodie getaway, they will very unlikely forgive you for not bringing any gifts. So take a ferry for 50 min enjoy Lake Geneva and get the best chocolate in Lausanne. 

Do not forget to share this article that we carefully crafted with your foodie friends- who knows they might discover their destination for the next hedonistic but slow foodie trip!

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