Small boutique hotel in Barneville-Carteret, Hotel Des Ormes, Normandy, France

by Linda February 03, 2014

About the Hotel des Ormes

The rooms are decorated with stylishly chic Flamant interior designs, and the hotel’s restaurant boasts Antony Riche’s cuisine, where you are tempted to try some of Normandy’s finest seafood. If you like to relax in an intimate yet welcoming and stylish environment, then this hotel is for you. The main house has 9 rooms and there are 3 larger rooms available in the seaside cottage “Le Rivage”, located close to the harbour. Relax in the homely bar which has an adjoining library. The hotel is open from February through to December, with free parking available.

Places of Interest

Amongst local places of interest is the authentic setting of the 100-year-old La Maison du Biscuit, located in Sortosville en Beaumont, this Norman family-owned factory has been baking biscuits since 1903. The tearoom offers the delights of the exquisitely crafted tiles chocolate, and diamond shortbread, and on Sundays, you can sample the famous “Sunday Brioche”, a recipe that has remained unchanged since the factory was founded.

For those wishing to travel slightly further afield, Mont-Saint-Michel is just an hour’s drive away. A Benedictine abbey in gothic style, having been constructed between the 11th and 16th centuries it has become a place of pilgrimage as well as an international tourist centre. Classified by Unesco as a World Heritage Site in 1979, it is no surprise that is known as “The Wonder of the Western World”. During the French Revolution, the abbey was made into a prison, more recently becoming the home for a monastic order, thus ensuring its continued spiritual presence.

Visit the moving D-Day Beaches of Normandy. Operation Overlord took place along the French coast, and turned the tide of World War Two, helping to lead to the end of Nazi Germany. Synonymous with the operation are the beaches of June, Gold, Sword, Omaha and Utah, along this 50 mile stretch of coastline are museums and memorials, there are also remains of bunkers and gun emplacements which add to the poignancy of the landscape. The best time to visit is during June, as the 6th is the anniversary of the landings and many events and ceremonies take place to mark the occasion. The church bells are rung to commemorate the anniversary of liberation and the atmosphere is added too by re-enactments of the landings.

If you wish to take in the local history, bask in the picturesque scenery, enjoy the best of the attractions, and dine in a first class restaurant in a welcoming boutique style hotel, then you would be hard-pressed to find better than the charming Hotel Des Ormes.

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