France Holidays: 9 Things You Must Do in the Elegant Biarritz

by SlowChic March 12, 2018

Magnificent and aristocratic, the bastion of old-fashioned elegance - Biarritz enjoys an impressive setting on the Bay of Biscay in France's Basque country. The wide seafront promenades and the mesmerizing natural landscapes were Empress Eugénie's (wife of Napoleon III) favourite too. The empress himself built an exquisite villa by the sea, which is now a luxurious Hotel of the Palace, transforming Biarritz into a fashionable beach town. 

Moreover, you'll notice that the names of the streets (Avenue de l'Impératrice, Esplanade Elizabeth II, Avenue de la Reine Victoria . . .) recall of the city's royal past. 

Not only that it's very popular among French people, but Biarritz's beautiful coastal villas, sandy beaches, and stylish restaurants with a sophisticated ambience attract more and more tourists from all over the world to plan their France Holidays in this stunning summertime destination. Famous for its long beaches, big waves and mild weather, Biarritz is the capital of surfing in Europe too.

Let's explore the best things to do in the elegant Biarritz!

1. Find Your Style in the Ocean 

The most amazing seaside promenade starts at the lighthouse on the high headland and passes France's second-oldest golf course. Take a quiet saunter along the Grande Plage (main beach of Biarritz) near the Casino, while admiring the Hotel of the Palace and its imposing red walls, the fine art deco ceiling and floor, heading to the peaceful old square Place Sainte-Eugénie.

2. Morning Run on the Beach

The picture-perfect surroundings offering stunning scenery and a lovely sea breeze are the ideal natural refreshment for your body and soul. Try going barefoot and run directly on the soft sand. Nothing compares to relieving dive into the ocean after a hard beach run!

Biarritz Grande Plage

3. Pamper Yourself at the Spa

Spending the whole day at the beach and enjoying a glass of wine (or two) in the night can be a bit exhausting. Not when you are on vacation though . . . Especially not when you are on vacation in Biarritz! Take it easy and relax from all the indulgent with a soothing seawater treatment and come out fresh and rejuvenated.

4. Visit Le Rocher de la Vierge (Rock of the Virgin)

The rock of the Virgin is a touristic and natural curiosity overhung by a statue of the Virgin at the top. This emblematic symbol of the city offers an impressive view of the ocean that will take your breath away. From the top of the monument, you can admire Great Beach on one side and the exceptional coastal views on the other. 

Bridge to the small island near coast in Biarritz

5. Easy Day Trip from Biarritz

Staying few more extra days in Biarritz? You should definitely consider taking a decent ride to the north in the picturesque town of Bayonne. Head south to reveal the most attractive Basque cities of Saint Jean de Luz in France, and San Sebastian, just inside Spain. Donostia (San Sebastian) is just another culinary haven of the region. Give their pintxos a try and enjoy some other delicacies from the local food. For a complimentary luxury and enhanced experience check out the best hotels near Biarritz.

Panorama of Bayonne

6. Surf's Up

Did you know that Europe's first surf club was launched in Biarritz? Biarritz is the surfing capital of Europe, and the most famous surfing beach in Biarritz is Côte des Basques. This magnificent spot with powerful waves and ideal conditions for surfing is the best of the town's six fine beaches. 

7. Chocolate Museum

One sweet delight in this small museum still makes an intriguing detour for chocolate gourmands who want to explore the Basque Country's long association with the cacao bean. The visit begins with a welcome tasting, followed by an informative documentary and revealing of secrets about the chocolate-making process, followed by drinking a homemade hot chocolate at the very end. Sounds like a dream come true for any chocophile, doesn't it?

8. Elegant Boulevards and Squares

Nothing illustrates the city's aristocratic heritage more than the elegant boulevards and streets of Biarritz. The urban centre is the Grand Place Georges-Clemenceau, at the meeting of the city's principal streets. Just a few meters from there is the picturesque Place Bellevue, a stunning semicircular square with panoramic views of the beach and the ocean. Southern than that is another gem that offers sensational views, the seaside Boulevard Maréchal-Leclerc.

9. One of France's Greatest Restaurants

Another way to spend the afternoon after a leisurely scenic stroll along the Quai de la Plage promenade is in one of the many upscale restaurants and cafés nearby. Here you'll find the spectacular Michelin-starred restaurant as part of the luxurious five-star property Hôtel du Palais. The Villa Eugénie dining room is an elegant space with grandiose chandeliers and sensational ocean views. The gastronomy taste buds of the most eclectic bon vivants will be treated to the finest with the delightful Basque cuisine.

In case you were wondering how to get a far richer experience and distinctive atmosphere, you should consider Biarritz boutique hotels. The intimacy and urban locales are big contributors to the unique appeal of boutique hotels. Feel the one of a kind personal experience in a luxury boutique hotel in France with a chic design and interesting architecture. 

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