How To Choose Luxury Chateau Hotels In Loire Valley? Complete Guide That Saves Your Time

by Aria April 27, 2018

Best luxury hotels in Loire Valley are Chateaus. Renovated modern and truly speaking authenticity they asks you to open your heart, eyes and ears to the story that will be told to you and will finally include you in the scenario of the hundreds of years. 

Where to stay in Loire Valley when you prefer Chateau Hotel with specific details and facilities?

Chateaux to stay in Loire Valley is not so hard to find with a little help. And we promise we won't say something like -  let chateau find you.  So let’s try and get your best personal Chateau experience in the next few minutes. The following guide is based on our communities most often requested advice. 

Are you strict about the swimming pool?

Chateau hotels in Loire Valley with swimming pool have everything that you might require and more. That’s why you will need to be even more specific. 

One of the most amazing swimming pools in Loire Valley is based in Angers. 

Chateau Des Briottières in Angers has a heated swimming pool surrounded by enormous trees and powerful sense of the nature that we all love. You will feel how your lungs heal from the city, while the healing power of swimming will nurture your whole body. 

Chateau des Briottières
Chateau des Briottières

Chateau and Horse Riding always go hand in hand.

Chateau de la Barre, Chateau de Verrières and Chateau des Briottières all offer opportunities to discover horse riding pleasures. And after that you can enjoy billiard, croquet or bicycles.

Even for those that have never tried horse riding, Chateau should become a place of discovery.

Horse riding is not just chic, it is one of the most soothing experiences if you immerse yourself at that moment. French horse-riding was added to UNESCO’s list of intangible cultural heritage in 2011. 

Equitation in the French tradition is a school of horseback riding that emphasizes harmonious relations between humans and horses. The fundamental horse-training principles are guided by non-violence and lack of constraint, blending human demands with respect for the horse’s body and mood. 
In fact all French equestrian tradition is based on the same poetical intuition than the one voiced by Xenophon in his Equestrian Art written in the 5th century before our era. Some of the advice that he has given and that has created a basis for this tradition that today is followed all around the world were:

“If someone, riding a good war horse, wants the horse to look at its advantage and show the nicest paces, he should refrain from tormenting it, either by pulling on the bridle or by pinching its sides with his spurs or using the whip on it, which several think makes them look good riders…”

Chateau de la Barre
Chateau de la Barre

Prefer Princess Treatment in a Spa while staying in Chateau?

Smoothly, close your eyes and let yourself be carried by the expert hands that provide moments of escape and relaxation at Château De Beaulieu & Magnolia Spa in Joué-lès-Tours. 

After you get taken care, then enjoy a book in the 18th Century magnificent garden has been preserved throughout years.  This place screams merely no phones and laptops. Go back to your natural stability in this place that offers so much without rushing and trying to get everything and ending up with nothing. 

The real slow experience that lets you breathe and love yourself. 

Château De Beaulieu & Magnolia Spa
Château De Beaulieu & Magnolia Spa

Space filled with multi-activities for the decision on the spur of the moment. (Also great for family holidays)

Want to have options just in case you get that energy back in France? Great! Six family generations have grown this flamboyant estate to the palace of the opportunities. Let us introduce you to Chateau Des Briottières in Angers. It has everything for you and your family members. 

When we sometimes have a million excuses not to try anything this abode will merely make you “Yes, I want to try” person. 

The following activities are available: 

  • heated swimming pool. Yes - heated to 26 degrees, not 19. (if you are still in the mood for the answer no☺.)
  • tennis court
  • ping-pong 
  • billiard
  • bicycles and even
  • horse riding
  • hiking 
  • golfing. anjou golf course is just 2.9 km away
  • option to book a massage in your room.
  • fishing in the lake
  • trampoline
  • children’s games
  • hot-air balloon flight
  • vineyard. A 35-minute drive from the Château Des Briottières is the vineyard of la Coulée De Serrant.

We honestly cannot imagine a reason why Chateau Des Briottières in Angers would not be a perfect destination for you now?

If you can, please share with us. We like to hear crazy things☺. 

Chateau des Briottières
Chateau des Briottières

Slow, intimate and exclusive chic place? 

Just 10 rooms at Chateau De Verrières in Saumur cannot create a better-cherished experience.

The bathrooms with Victorian regal baths and antiques, swimming pool and Spa center – pamper yourself and enjoy each other’s company whether you are on a honeymoon, anniversary or just have forgotten how good the life can be together…

Surrounded by the romantic atmosphere, you will still find yourself within walking distance of sightseeing attractions. Anjou town in Saumur will provide you with a vast range of the options – biking, hiking and horse riding in the most well-known region in the world for its horse riding schools.

Chateau De Verrières
Chateau De Verrières

Romantic and meditative views of the river?

Most of us recognize the calmative effect of a walk by the river. 

It is no surprise that rivers have become our inspiration and motivation and the most memorable quotes that support us include the name and the power of river.

“I would love to live like a river flows, carried by the surprise of its own unfolding.” – John O’Donohue

“Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there someday.” – A. A. Milne

“Love, like a river, will cut a new path whenever it meets an obstacle.” – Crystal Middlemas 

For the lovers of the flowing water, some of the rooms in Domaine De La Tortinière in  Montbazon have views of the Indre River. 

La Tortinière’s restaurant serves gastronomic cuisine in the dining room, overlooking the river and the pool, or on the outdoor terrace.

In the summer, just 10 km away the city of Tours comes alive with this exciting riverside festival. Outdoor concerts, buzzing bars and theatre performances provide the entertainment.

Domaine De La Tortinière

Michelin-starred restaurant with many hideaways within Chateau itself?

For foodies who love to explore both food and places where they relish desserts.  Breakfast is served as a buffet and Michelin-starred restaurant is prepared to meet your high expectations. Wine cellar with 350 different labels will help your checklist of trying new wines. 

Auberge Du Bon Laboureur in Chenonceaux has everything for you then. 5 buildings with some lounges, and other small hideaways and gardens created especially for the opportunity to find you philosophical mind feeding spot. 

Auberge Du Bon Laboureur
Auberge Du Bon Laboureur

Chateau - but on the lower end budget?

Yes, it can happen. It is possible today for you to enjoy Chateau experience in Loire Valley without robbing a bank.  

Play billiard in front of the fireplace in one the most beautiful Chateaus Domaine De La Tortinière in Montbazon for only 115 € per night (double rooms). Prices vary but you might get lucky to catch Chateau experience for the price of 3-star-crowded, boring and annoying hotel room. 

Searching for a different approach to a small event, like an exclusive conference?

At the Château de Beaulieu, combine work, pleasure and gastronomy. 

The hotel has a large room, able to accommodate up to 130 guests for your next VIP event. It can also be divided into two rooms, thanks to a modular partition.

Considering a chic experience for your business partners? 

There can be no better place to impress your new business partners and sign the deal of your life at Chateau De Chissay in Chissay-en-Touraine

Prime Minister Paul Raynaud established his headquarters during the Second World War in this estate. Many political and military conferences were held in the main salon, some including General Charles de Gaulle.

“You have to be fast on your feet and adaptive or else a strategy is useless.”  - Charles de Gaulle

While drowning in the dominant spirit of its ancient stones, your business partners will recognize your determination to succeed in Chateau De Chissay in Chissay-en-Touraine.

Chateau De Chissay
Chateau De Chissay

OK now it might seem that you need to know what you want to do.  Or maybe simply  France’s best chateau according to the Sunday Times?

Sometimes we are so exhausted that we don’t even know what we want, when and why. So voted the best chateau can’t be the worst experience in your life? Can it? 

Chateau De La Barre in Conflans-sur-Anille. Rent a vintage car and enjoy the life built in 600 years. The family owning this beautiful abode has created a miracle on earth.

You might experience hedonistic struggle while selecting from among the 150 different wines of his prestigious cellar. Self-indulgence is the second name of this Chateau. 

Best chateaux to stay in Loire Valley is the one that you are going to as it will have something magical waiting for you. Slow Chic getaways cannot be rushed into, but this guide hopefully will get you to your dream destination. 

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