Best Romantic Getaways in France

by Elio May 28, 2015

France is inherently romantic, the place where lovers go to reconnect and rekindle. Since the 1800’s, romance has been a central part of French culture. With romance so important to the French, it’s no surprise that a style of kissing has been named after them!

If you’re looking to add a bit of spice to your love life, France is the ideal spot for romantic stays filled with wine, chocolate and relaxation. Whether you’re looking for a quiet weekend getaway or a weeklong couple’s retreat, the perfect spot awaits in France. Here are five of our all-time favorite romantic destinations for a lover’s getaway. 

Ar Men Du, Névez, Brittany  

Ah, simplicity. Nothing allows romance to blossom like the secluded simplicity Ar Men Du offers. Without the distractions of city lights, busy streets and boisterous crowds, the only focus in your mind will be your significant other. This beachside house only takes up to 14 couples at a time and is completed isolated from the outside world. Walk hand in hand with waves caressing your toes, escape together aboard a dinghy, or simply breathe in the salty sea air while enjoying a coffee on the patio.

Enjoy one of our favorite spots for romantic weekend breaks; we’re certain you’ll enjoy it so much you’ll want to extend the vacation a few extra days! 

Château de la Barre, Conflans-Sur-Anille, Loire Valley 

Over 600 years young and still in its prime, Château de Barre simply oozes romance. Stepping foot into this honey colored castle will instantly transform you and your partner into royal lovers, wooing each other over the finer things in life. Meals are served on the most luxurious tableware, wine poured into the best goblets, and rooms decorated in antique furnishings. In this atmosphere, it’s impossible to resist wearing your finest clothing and slipping out for a midnight rendezvous on the property. In the moonlight, you’ll pull your better half close and dance gently across the dewy grass before retreating back to your stately suite.

For a spark of romance, Château de Barre is one of our absolute favorite picks when it comes to weekend getaways for couples. 

Cuq en Terrasses, Cuq-Toulza, Midi-Pyrénées 

Cuq en Terrasses isn’t just a retreat, it’s bordering on heaven. Imagine a carefree afternoon wandering through the brightly colored gardens, sharing a secret kiss in the hidden nooks and crannies. In the cooler months, a fireplace will warm your spirit and add a spark of heat to your romantic getaway. This magical place is filled with whimsy, ideal for taking your mind off of the cares and stresses of life outside and allowing you to solely focus on sparking romance.

We love this little retreat for couples because of its small size, snuggling spots and quiet atmosphere. 

Hotel d'Albion, Champs-Elysees, Paris 

Brightly colored decor and little special touches make Hotel d’Albion an ideal romantic hotel in Paris. Perfectly situated near all of the must-see spots, enjoy hand-in-hand exploring by day followed by a relaxing evening spent cozied up in the central garden.

The best bit is that it’s also perfect for romantic getaways on a shoestring budget without any of the compromise. 

Hotel des Ormes, Barneville-Carteret, Normandy

Situated between the quaint harbour village of Carteret and the historic Barneville, Hotel des Ormes offers romantic experiences in any directions. Spend an afternoon walking along the shore with that special someone, watching ships head in an out of the marina. Or, perhaps a stroll down historic streets is more of your flavor of romance. However you plan to spend the day, make plans to indulge in locally caught seafood, the freshest aphrodisiac in the region.

Hotel des Ormes is one of our favorite weekend getaways for couples because it really does offer something for every taste. 

Have you visited any of these top 5 romantic getaways in France? Share with us your comments below!

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