A seaside hotel, Grand Hotel des Bains, Locquirec, Brittany, France

by Linda February 11, 2014

Located in the province of Brittany and straddling the cerulean blue waters of the English Channel, the Grand Hotel des Bains can genuinely be called one of the most privileged and pristine escapes to paradise in all of France. Boasting an opulence only to be found in turn-of-the-century architecture and located amidst unforgettable natural settings, this hotel is undoubtedly one of the best-kept secrets in all of Brittany. So, it only proves wise to take a further look at a handful of the amenities that prospective guests can expect to enjoy during their stay.

A Timeless Masterpiece

The hotel itself is a luxury boutique property with a personal touch. One of the most obvious advantages is that there is a wide selection of rentals available. The Grand Hotel des Bains offers nine cozy rooms that provide stunning views of a local church or guests can instead opt for one of twenty-seven rooms which display picturesque views of the nearby sea. Open throughout the year, this hotel provides a cozy bar, a restaurant that serves only the most choice cuisine and amenable rates for whatever accommodations are required.

Why Grand Hotel des Bains?

The choice of a fine hotel has as much to do with its location as it does with the services provided. The Grand Hotel des Bains is situated on a small peninsula near the traditional coastal fishing town of Locquirec. The local beaches are known to be some of the most pristine in all of France and if a bit of seclusion is desired, this hotel is certain to accommodate. From the comfortable terraces outside of one's room, a casual afternoon can be spent watching the small fishing boats meander in the bay or a couple can enjoy a remarkable sunset while in the private confines of France's natural beauty.

Nonetheless, it is impossible to overlook the personal attention to elegance that the property will offer its visitors. From breakfasts in an ivory-paneled dining room that offers a fantastic assortment of homemade foods to an in-house restaurant that cooks only the freshest of locally caught seafood, the second-to-none service is perhaps only superseded by the quality of the food itself. While this hotel has an antique feel, all modern conveniences can be enjoyed including free wireless connections, on-site parking and guests are even able to bring their pets along for a small fee. If we combine the choice of a number of different rooms, a relaxing spa, a hotel park that is located on the property grounds and the sedating sound of the nearby waves, it is clear to appreciate why the Grand Hotel des Bains is a fantastic destination.

When to Arrive

Thankfully, the experiences that the hotel has to offer are further enhanced by the number of unique attractions that Brittany has to offer. However, it should be noted that Brittany and the city of Locquirec are noted for their rather unpredictable winters. It is for this reason that it may be considered more convenient to book a reservation between May and September. However, this is also considered to be one of the busiest holiday seasons, so it is therefore a good idea to book any reservations well in advance to avoid a backlog or the hotel being fully occupied. Also, the summer months will play host to numerous local and regional events. A few such gatherings will include the Festival of Brittany (occurring in May) and the Mont Saint-Michel Marathon (also in May). These and countless other celebrations are certainly worth the experience.

Local Attractions

Some of the most sought-after attractions that are located nearby are the beaches themselves. A few of the most prominent are Beach Poul Rodou, the Beach of the Port and the Beach of the Sables Blancs (the Beach of the White Sands). Should one have a vehicle, the quaint villages of Plestin-les-Greves and Lanmeur are but a handful of kilometres away. For those who wish to experience greater Brittany, such attractions as Douarnenez Maritime Museum and even an old park are located only a few hours away from the hotel itself.

So, it is clear to appreciate that the experiences offered by the Grand Hotel des Bains will be some of the most unforgettable and unique. From an elegance that is rarely found in today's world to a truly memorable location, visitors have flocked to this boutique destination for years. During the summer months, the flowers will be in bloom, the sun will be shining and cooling sea breezes will allow the freshest and cleanest of air to be experienced. These are but a few of the reasons why the Grand Hotel des Bains is considered to be one of the most impressive luxury boutique hotels in Brittany and indeed, in all of France.

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