Slow But Chic Things To Do In Normandy: Normandy tourism map renewed for 2018

by Aria April 30, 2018

Thinking about visiting Normandy? Then the last thing you should worry about is the things to do list. 

1. Unusual things to do in Normandy for an average tourist.

Bucket list attractions work like this. With a tired face, you put them on your to-do list, you make Instagram photos and then you come back from holidays with the same dull expression like before.  Scenario two – you come back with a fake smile and a false memory that “no one” has ever had. Your friends and family envy you because you had a checklist – and you checked all items. But your angry reaction hides something else- you didn’t experience that paragraph in the novel where the set is happening in Normandy…

One of the most uncommon thing on our minds is to stay in a slow and chic location which is different and has to offer more than we ever imagine. Why? Because we have too low expectations.

So what to do? How to give yourself a chance to be true to yourself and open to really unusual and great things in Normandy?

First of all stay in a place which already has a story. And it doesn’t have to to be near the beach.

One of scenarios storytelling has many elements and it seems that everything built Le Jardin Des Plumes in Giverny.

A gastronomic and Art-deco table is waiting for you with genuinely chic experiences. The menu is based on the painting to express and honor the impressionism influence on the locality. For your comfort all the rooms feature a flat-screen TV, wardrobe, and a desk for chic digital nomads.

Le Jardin Des Plumes

What about Giverny itself?

Giverny is a village, where Impressionist painter Claude Monet lived and worked here from 1883 until his death in 1926.

You can visit A source of inspiration Claude Monet's property at Giverny, where he lived from 1833 to 1926, became the Claude Monet Foundation. Even His valuable collection of Japanese engravings is displayed in several rooms.  No need for a car or a bike- Monet’s house and gardens are only 500 m from the Le Jardin Des Plumes.

“Every day I discover more and more beautiful things. It’s enough to drive one mad. I have such a desire to do everything; my head is bursting with it.” Claude Monet

If you suddenly feel even more inspired then - visit a contemporary art gallery surprisingly nestled in a half-timbered house of a sleepy Norman village. This is a hidden gem that

Your own highlight of Normandy can become Le Jardin Des Plumes in Giverny.

Yes, we know there can be interesting holiday planning situation which requires a bit of a different perspective. For example,  What about if we have different people in our family or group of friends with different preferences?

We love Normandy simple because its perfect for group holidays too. We all have different expectations and wishes so to please everyone you can choose locations that have many different opportunities. One of the best examples could be Chateau De La Pommeraye.

You can do everything together or separately:

  • luxurious spa
  • archery
  • horseback riding
  • paragliding
  • kayaking
  • a hedonist trip on the 'Cider Route' and 'Camembert Trail' (for Foodies)
  • golf stay: improve your swing in a beautiful and preserved environment
  • discover the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel in a traditional fishing sailboat
  • Discover the wonders of Normandy in a hot air balloon
  • Discover the Norman countryside in a Caterham Super Seven S3 – oh this one is definitely for truly chic…(and slow☺) friends.

Do not overthink it all now. Just book and enjoy. Because the best part – all of the above activities can be arranged in the Chateau De La Pommeraye.

And then all your family and friends meet together for dinner….experience that will unite all of you.  Well you will need all the energy you can get from your lunch and dinner for such active adventures. Then it’s good that only organic foods are served by hosts Alexandre and Katrine.

You will feel both pampered and adventurous, while being transformed in a historical, slow and Chic way.

Chateau De La Pommeraye

2. Best towns in Normandy

Giverny in its own right has already a place in our hearts. But what about other famous places in Normandy for tourists searching for unique not accelerated experiences that flow naturally with the energy of the area?

Calvados department  is among the most prestigious in France with its luxurious hotels, casinos, rose gardens, and culinary specialties: cider, calvados, camembert and Pont-l'Évêque cheeses.

Yes, we understand it is not a town. However, what could be better than Calvados – in all of its cities sense?  So, how did Calvados department in Normandy got its name? The name Calvados was derived from “calva dorsa”, meaning bare backs, in reference to two sparsely vegetated rocks off its shore. And of course Calvados has also been named an apple brandy from the Normandy region in France.

If you like what you read about Calvados, stay at Hotel Bellevue in Villerville – a perfect location between Honfleur and Deauville.

Enjoy the calm wind in the remote and silent setting. Spend comfortable time in the garden which is all set for the guests to enjoy view straight to the sea.

Hotel Bellevue

You will not stay here hungry. Chef Mickaël Roy and his team serve up delectable lobster, steak and duck. A four-course meal can never be a bad thing when searching for the ideal experience. After your meal in the garden you can relax in front of the chimney or on the terrace overlooking the sea.

That is why it is open all year round as many visitors keep this secret spot to themselves for their secret hideaway and escape.  

Now you are ready for really chic things to do. Villerville is not only the long pebbles and sand beach. It is also known as a “village of books” and its main street is home to many bookshops. Explore books while counting your steps as you won’t get too tired from walks around Villerville which are between two to ten kilometers long. You cannot miss Naturospace Butterfly House offers you a getaway amid free-roaming birds and butterflies in Honfleur to enjoy exotic colours.

After such a productive day head in the evening to Casino Barriere de Deauville. It is a must-see. The over 300 strong fleet of slot machines is regularly renewed and refreshed according to the latest trends.

Casino Barriere is an enormous place for chic entertainment. Presenting events such as concerts, one-man shows, plays, dance performances and cabarets, more than 3,000 events and shows take place every year across Casinos Barriere in France.

3. A central place to stay in Normandy

Where to stay in Normandy when you don’t have time to go over numerous of lists?

Then Le Clos De Grâce in Honfleur will exceed all the expectations. We give you central, slow and undoubtedly chic option. 18th-century guesthouse with a luxurious indoor pool deserves your attention today.

Start your journey by watching some of the French film star, Michel Serrault movies as you are heading to his home. You will have a freedom to choose from 150 movies that he appeared in. In France he has the distinction of being a three-time "Best Actor" César winner for La Cage aux Folles (1978), Garde à vue (1981) and in Nelly & Monsieur Arnaud (1995).  His roles in plays of William Shakespeare and Molière made him one of the most respected stage actors in France and one of the youngest members of the "Comédie Francaise".

Yes, Le Clos De Grâce is decorated to an exceptionally high standard and makes you feel like a star too.  So, dear star thinking about selfies and social media? Instagrammable images, views.. Oh yes, we can guarantee them to you! Honfleur looks so utterly enchanting, it is hard to remember that it was built primarily for commerce. Art and craft studios sit side-by-side with cafes, boutiques, souvenir shops and galleries.

A very short but relatively steep climb to Panorama Mont-Joli and fresh air breath will give a broad view of the fantastic place that you chose to visit this time.

Le Clos De Grâce

Immerse yourself in the cultural experience and do not be surprised that not all locals speak English. After all you are here for a full Normandy experience. Oh, and we almost forgot – be here on Saturday as town's lively market is ready for you to stock up on local cheese.

Family-owned calvados distillery in Coquainvilliers is one of the options. But then if you post your pictures of tasting romantic atmosphere do not forget to grab gifts for your followers!

In-depth experiences are hard to miss in Normandy. They are guaranteed if you stay in the hotels that chose slow and chic ethos which lead their daily mission and makes them fulfill your desire to be in one but fantastic place at a time.

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