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by Elio September 04, 2013

Steaming vans framed by Haussmann palaces, micro-kitchens that spill over the sidewalk and retro-trucks filled with countryside delights. These are the new mobile-restaurants, where the stellar chefs of tomorrow (and the actual ones sometimes, too) redefine French gastronomy. From oysters and champagne to gourmet burgers and homemade crêpes.

Local, social and affordable gourmet shelters

Le Refectoire

The French answer to typical burger trucks. Valentine, only 25 years old, elaborates all dishes in her truck using exclusively products from the morning markets. Beef or cod burgers served with salad and rusty potatoes, rib eye steak à la fleur de sel, mustard sauce and mashed potatoes or beef bourguignon on toast! And yummy deserts, too.

Where? Quai d’Austerlitz 36 from Monday to Saturday for dinner. And on the local markets for lunch: Popincourt on Tuesdays and Fridays, Pyrénées on Thursdays and Sundays.
When? Lunch from 12:00 to 14:00 and dinner from 19:30.
What? Tender and tasty beef.
More info: +33 6 67 633 136

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Marche ou crêpe

From the street, the line of iron trays filled with colours make it looks like a gelateria. But when your get closer, those shimmering colours happen to be dazzling green spinaches, curvy mushrooms and caramelized bacon that owners Sam and Bruno smartly combine in front of you, and wrap up in a deliciously homemade crêpes.  On the sweet side, you have the choice between eleven types of chocolate.

Where? 88 rue Oberkampf, 75011 Paris.
When? Tuesday to Sunday from 18:00 to 00:30 (Friday & Saturday until 02:00)
What? Maxi-crêpes served with a big smile.
More info: +33 1 43 570 478

Le Camion à Tarte Kluger

Although a bit of a cheater as the pies are actually elaborated in the Kluger worshop downtown, one thing where Mrs. Kluger does not cheat on is the quality of the produce to make these incredibly tasty sweet and savoury pies. The selection is huge, but remains remarkably simple. No odd combinations to look smart on the board here.

Where? Rue du Temple 14, 75004 Paris (in the patio of the BHV department store).
When? Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 19:00.
What? Sweet and savoury pies of all sorts and sizes.
More info? +33 1 53 015 252 



Chefs Marie Carcassone, Frédéric Peneau and star-butcher Hugo Desnoyer teamed up to give the global star of street food (the kebab) its patent of nobility. Lemon and sake marinated sucking calf; cheese directly from the farmer and organic Raifort sauce wrapped up in spelt flour bread. Better than in Istanbul? You judge, but definitely not the ordinary kebab.

Where: 15 rue Saint Augustin, 75002 Paris.
When: Daily, lunch to dinner non-stop.
What: Deluxe farmer kebabs.
More info: +33 1 42 961 064

2 Filles 1 Camion (2F1C)

Two charming French women who just loved to cook healthy and decided to make it their job – in a truck. They focus on fresh and seasonal products, with a swish of faraway inspiration. Try the creamy corn soup with coconut milk and red curry or crispy samoussas filled with sweet potatoes and fennel seeds. And the chocolate macarons, too

Where? Changes daily, you’ll need to follow the ladies on Facebook to know that.
When? Same here.
What? A healthy alternative to fast food.
More info? +33 6 16 404 712

© 2F1C

Le Zebre Toqué

Fig busted bread, sour cabbage and melting Maroilles (utterly smelly and exceptionally good northern French cheese), the Zebre Toqué brings you on a journey through France’s culinary wealth – packed between two slices of homemade zebra bread.

Where? To track the Zebre Toqué you’ll need to venture in the markets of the suburbs: Saint-Mandé on Thursday and Sundays, Lagny on Fridays and Charonton on Saturdays.
When? 11:00 to 14:00.
What? A very special sandwich that smells of the French countryside.
More info? +33 6 88 348 804


Rock n’ roll truck and owner Henri Guittet are determined to give a whiplash to the traditional ice cream trucks. Starting with the flavours: Smoke on Water (Madagascar vanilla and organic hemp), Black Sugar Sex Magic (black chocolate, wasabi and ginger).

Where? Catch’him on Facebook for the details. In the summer he tends to follow the music festivals.
When? Same here
What? Locally elaborated and distributed ice creams.
More info?  +33 1 58 975 612

Affordable hotel in central Paris

Hotel d'Albion Paris

Walk no further that rue de Penthièvre near the Champs-Elysées. The Hotel d’Albion Paris is a simple and unpretentious Parisian hotel that has every bit of a hidden gem: from an unbeatable location and a lovingly kept garden to owners and staff who work with lightness and pleasure.

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