The Ultimate Secret Of Chic Holidays in Brittany

by Aria May 03, 2018

Let Brittany Ferries take you to Slow Chic Dimension.

Holidays in Brittany comes to many minds when searching for slow romantic experiences that are easy to reach.

Farm holidays in Brittany, Brittany holiday cottages and Ferry holidays to France do not sound to stimulating. At least for us. We are slow and Chic. So today let’s focus on that.

Many families with kids, couples searching for a romantic retreat miss opportunities that are hidden in Brittany from the big crowds.

Today Slow Chic team has something unique and comforting to you Brittany holidays 2018.

Brittany is Chic. The ultimate secret lies in the power and freedom to choose experience, which is not pre-done for everybody. Slow Tourism is the ultimate secret of chic holidays in the Brittany.

The hotel can become your source of frustration or it can grow to the transforming and regenerating experience.

Think we are exaggerating? Then look at what we discovered in our last four years of hunting for the gems.

You can Organize your dream Luxury Family holidays in Brittany with one click.

And we are not talking about the Brittany family resorts. They are usually crowded, stressful and very annoying when the whole plan focused on the peaceful and refreshing experience. You are in a never-ending battle to escape tourists while you want to be a relaxed tourist yourself. This is the feeling that pushed us and motivated to create Slow Chic community here.

Best tourist places in Brittany are our worst options to offer to the Slow Chic community the same as old style (and used) package holidays to France.

We honestly believe in the freedom of the gut feeling that you get about the history, community, local food, local resources that drives you to visit it and explore with openness.

Brittany with more than 2,700 km of coastline and 2,900 historical monuments which you can make its heritage your goal to explore.  

Open your mind and just for this second forget those gites in Brittany.

Luxury self-catering Brittany…….Self-catering is not chic. At least to our standards.  But can you have a freedom and catering experience in one?

Brittany still has secret locations that are not exhausted and wasted with generalized experiences for everybody.

And no luxury gites in Brittany can beat this experience that is waiting for you in this paragraph mentally…(and if you wish next week in real life).

Best place in Brittany for a holiday is a Château de la Ballue.

Château de la Ballue

Even the name and the picture speak thousands of words that are like a massage of hot stones and thousands of roses petals to your tired soul.

Let us delve deeper into the destination.

  • What can be more authentic than each room with original indoors? Every room has its character that will stay not only in your pictures and Instagram, but will leave warming memory to go back to when you feel dreamy.  It gives us that magical sense of destiny that room has chosen us.
  • Outdoor bubble bath and a pristine Finnish sauna will take care of your spa experiences.
  • Gardens and their perfectionism provide a feeling of security in this marvelous locality.
  • Why not embrace in your journal the names (and stories) of the prestigious guests that adored the stay in this Chateau? Prestigious guests include:  Balzac, Chateaubriand, Musset, Victor Hugo, Marquis de la Rouërie, Florence Arthaud, Michel Couchat, Jacky Coville, Monory, Michel Lanos, Rosita S. Dewez, Tapiès, Tal-Coat, Simon Barto, Karine Deshayes.
  • If you don’t journal then maybe those names will trigger the next big idea for your goals list, while your pallet will be delightfully surprised by artisanal jams and farm-style yogurts during breakfast majestic session. The breakfast is a truly Slow Chic experience here.

Look at Brittany ferries timetable and explore the Britanny like you finally genuinely deserve it in 2018.

The location can become a package itself that takes care of your needs that you might not be even aware of at the moment. This is a place that will help you contemplate on your.

Enjoy the land where the crepe was born.  

Today many things that we love and enjoy has lost its original nature and cultural heritage. One of them is Crepe.

Crepes are made today using white flour. This method hurts the unique and inspiring cultural heritage of this tasty dish. The Crepe was born in Brittany in the 12th century when buckwheat flour arrived to France.

Be a real foodie, pack your luggage and taste the real Crepe from buckwheat flour in Brittany. Be a snob and ask for orange and brandy Crepe which was born when Chef Henri Charpentier serving Prince of Wales in 1895 created an inspiring new Crepe recipe.

This Celtic corner of France is also an excellent destination for Holiday in Brittany with a toddler.

Holidays in France 2018 will be filled many toddlers voices.

But the Le Grand Hotel Des Bains in Locquirec will indeed be remembered by families who choose strictly most extraordinary experiences.

If the creative beach activities are not enough for your little miracles then Locquirec has a very famous sailing school, as well as a surfing and paddle boarding school. You can also visit a hire shop for kayaking and riding. You won’t need to look around for too long to see your toddler's eyes sparkle.

For mothers there is a spa treatment after which you can and joy family time on "Côte de Granite Rose": the path winds between enormous pink rocks. Make sure you have enough battery for those Instagram viral pictures! And do not miss the Wednesday market to grab lavender treats.

Feeling like not ending this amazing journey just yet? Well then it’s good that you are in the well-connected right spot in Brittany! You can head to Oceanopolis – aquarium with 10000 species from temperate, polar and tropical climates (just 1-hour drive) or Paris as the new TGV line now allows to travel from Paris Montparnasse to Locquirec in 3 hours.

You are the master of your chic decisions in Le Grand Hotel Des Bains.

Le Grand Hotel Des Bains

Magical islands are also available when you are on Holidays in Brittany.

Why not have a movie scenario of the escape within remote escape? Is that even possible? We hope you are not trying to escape your secret enemies.  But if you secretly wish to have a multi-track trip which becomes a joyous adventure.

Best tourist places in Brittany allow you to access islands.

Some of the lovely islands worth visiting include:

  • Bréhat
  • Ouessant The island is well known for its lighthouses and indigenous black sheep.
  • Belle-Île-en-Mer
  • Groix A popular destination in the summer months offering family-friendly beaches, migration locations for birdwatchers and interesting rocks and minerals for keen geologists.

Brittany Beach House? Or maybe an intimate room with a fireplace on a hilltop with a view to a beach and organic menu?

There is nothing else to add because it all sounds like a movie star and incredible scenery to shoot another hero (on the sexy mission) movie.

Look at Brittany coast map…. and then go straight to the Manoir Dalmore at Névez.

We often receive inquiries about the fireplaces in the room for the romantic getaways. Most of the rooms in Manoir Dalmore have full stone fireplaces that create an elated atmosphere around them. Moreover, to wake you up so you don’t miss anything in this peaceful and ecstatic abode- coffee making facilities in each room will keep you going.

Manoir Dalmore

Blissful experience can mean many things to different people, but Manoir Dalmore reminds us that we travel to open our eyes, senses and tastes.

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” - Marcel Proust

You feel in those rooms like you finally can rest your mind because everything falls into the right places around you. Even those fluffy towels are made from fair trade organic cotton. Eco Hotel certification and Rospico Botanical Gardens, which are just 2 km from the hotel helps you feel like you are back on loving Earth again  (instead of feeling lost in your head, technology and pollution).

You can always visit Penfret's Island is just 18 km away and beautiful Concarneau is only 20 min ride if you wish to stroll the cobblestone streets on another cozy Brittany town.

Couples particularly like  Manoir Dalmore. They rated it 9.7 for a two-person holiday.

It gets reserved fast, so book it now if you are searching for the perfect spot for:

  • Your loved one's birthday
  • Your birthday if you want it to spend with a loved one
  • Anniversary
  • Honeymoon
  • Romantic getaway
  • Your best Holidays

France holidays can be especially become an overwhelming adventure to plan as each region has so much to offer. But for Chich travelers who do not fall for the 20 years old same dull packages we are giving peace of mind.

All Slow Chic followers are advocates of connection and local stories.  Let us know about your story in Brittany.

Do not forget to sign up for the newsletter. We actively seek for hidden treasures that trigger your senses that you must in this lifetime familiarize yourself with.

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